We are planting a Tree every 30 seconds
We are planting a Tree every 30 seconds

Our Organic Promise

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At Vita-Electric Foods®, organic is at the heart of everything we do. From vetted, natural and organic, GMO-free, to cruelty-free products, ‘Vita-Electric Skin & Hair®’ prides itself on processing and supplying whole electric mineral products, all sourced from accredited, audited and ethical Soil Association registered and dedicated growers and suppliers who work closely with us to ensure we provide only natural organic and sustainable products to our customers.


Our products come at reasonable prices! We understand that quality organic ingredients and top-notch vegan cruelty-free nourishing products are more important than sacrificing for low market prices.


Our team understands the vision of the type of products we choose. Our goal is centered on consistently keeping up our reputation as a renowned provider of high-quality products.


At Vita-Electric®, we remain focused on our desire to offer nothing but ‘ORGANIC’ produce. We love our organic way of life and are proud of our commitment as we have no room for conventionally grown herb, spice, or seed. As we are one of the most dedicated organic driven company in London, we believe we are now a one-stop-shop for the best choice of organic vegan products made with heart and care.

When we source materials from our family of farmers, we are always conscious as we take the health and wellness of our customers and the environment into careful, serious consideration. Our organic movement and lifestyle are continual and immeasurable, we believe this is crucial for our society, and we encourage you to be passionately organic!


Soil has so many symbiotic connections with everything around, above, and below it, and when synthetic chemicals compromise this relationship, then everything is altered.

Organic farming methods often require more labor but have less effect on the environment due to proper soil building, crop rotation, and careful harvesting. Conventional non-organic farming requires large amounts of synthetic chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers injected into the ground or sprayed over harvests which have resulted in severe damage to billions of life forms found in the soil thus harming and stripping the land of the essential foundations and building blocks of life.


Across the globe, we are all involved in one activity or the other. Everything you spray, grow, flush, or discard gets into watersheds, causing a large percentage of rivers, streams, and lakes pollution. At Vita-Electric®, we believe that taking quick actions to tackle this problem is highly important to further protect and enhance our watersheds.

We are focused on creating awareness while our primary focus remains on riparian ecosystems, stream health, and fish habitat and we are determined to work with organizations and agencies to ensure we achieve our goal of watershed restoration, protection, and education.


Choosing conventionally grown products over organic products can be very risky for our communities and mainly the farmers who cultivate the farm. This decision will not only pose a danger to their health but can also affect our major sources of food for survival. Through a method known as bio-accumulation, all plants absorb nutrients and matter through root uptake. The conventional non-organic farming involves the use of thousands of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, which are absorbed by the crops they produce resulting in bio-accumulation.

Whether you decide to wash your fruits and vegetables before eating or use for any purpose, this doesn’t get rid of these chemicals as they have been absorbed through bio-accumulation. In organic farming methods, there are no intensive chemical applications, as it is solely dependent on composting, natural fertilizers, and phytoremediation that contributes to healthy plant uptake.



Since most herbs and spices are not affected by these problems, organic certification is our choice of protecting our materials from synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, GMO seed stock, and irradiation. Taking this commitment one step further, we also have farmer supplied herbs/extracted intact minerals verified through the ORGANIC SOIL ASSOCIATION.

What’s up with GMOs? Conventional farming without using organic procedures may use and cultivate only genetically modified seeds that are engineered to be pest resistant thus being easily grown in poor conditions and poor soils. Though there are still unconfirmed impacts of growing these plants and it is still very much in the experimental practice phases, but with the increase of more resilient pests, the rise of new ‘superweeds’ related diseases have been reported. However, there have been fears that GMO crops can harm other non-targeted life surrounding them such as birds, insects, and animals that feed on these conventional farms.

As fear continues to grow over the long-term health effects of GMOs, a lot of consumers have begun to ask questions about what’s present in their food, skin and hair care products. Without thorough testing and confirmation, the safety of genetically designed food remains questionable. The importance of transparency has never been as vital as it is today.

Organic Sources


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