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Our Story

Founded in London in 2016, Vita-Electric Foods® LTD sister company of Vita-Electric® Skin & Hair has a lot to offer in organic skincare buttercreams & macerated serum oils packed with antioxidants and other ultra-moisturizing ingredients that can benefit the skin & hair. We are a renowned organic health company focused on serving humanity with high-end products made from nature.

As a growing business dedicated to quality health and wellness, our customers are always at the forefront of everything we do. Our mission is to offer an outstanding experience to every customer who stops by at the Vita-Electric® Shop. We believe by providing nothing but top-notch quality vegan, organic, and synthetic chemical-free products to our customers, we are practically contributing positively to the global health and wellness of the people.

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Organic Vegan Shop

Here at Vita-Electric®, we are driven by our passion to offer vegan all natural and organic earth friendly products to delight your body and soul. We offer one of the most rigorously vetted and certified organic herbs, seeds, and botanical products today. Unlike other companies, we supply solely organic varieties as organics remain our only priority regardless of price or profit.

In line with our policy and commitment to customer’s end needs, we remain dedicated to only source organic options and nothing more.

All of our products are authenticated and checked to ensure they are 100% organic while sustainable agriculture continues to be a guiding force in our sourcing policy to make people and planet priority over profit.

Imagine protecting the largest organ in your body every day with safe, organic powerful restorative & rejuvenating products.

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Our History


Vita-Electric® organic skin and hair care products range from All-in-One Buttercreams to Macerated Serum Oils. Started by Diana in 2016, Diana came up with the innovative ideas after she had successfully launched her Vita-Electric® Vegan Dessert products dedicated to her fellow vegan lovers.


Diana loves organics. Her passion for natural and organic vegan products particularly the buttercream was inspired by her previous health condition which was so terrifying and overwhelming. Over the years, she was diagnosed with a serious skin condition (acne) and went for series of consultations with doctors where she was placed on pills, and while she continued on these medications, she began to gain abnormal weight.

After years of no improvement and measure results, she decided to take into her own hands to study, research and find the best source of organic minerals from the earth that will complement her skin. After a long period of hard work and dedication, Diana discovered a perfect organic product that changed her story completely. Incredible changes began to happen, and her skin became refigured and revitalized.

Since making the life-changing decision, Diana had always enjoyed a remarkable look on her skin which was also enhanced by a cleaned-up feeding lifestyle which she had earlier adopted into her diet. With the beautiful and amazing restructuring of her skin, she is now committed to extending this great benefit to others who have also suffered the same ailments, by helping them get their whole life back through the Vita-Electric® organic, synthetic chemical-free skin and hair care mineral dense products supercharged with targeted skin care ingredients fortified to revitalize and electrify any skin.


Herbalists, Naturalists, Biochemists, Vegans, Organic, and Nutritionists!

With years of studying the plants and herbs of Africa, the Caribbean Islands, South America and similar environments, we have adopted a unique approach and methodology for nourishing, rejuvenating, replenishing and restoring the skin and hair back to life with organic uncompromised complimentary herbs that are firmly rooted in our years of experience.


We aim to revitalize all the cells in the largest organ in the human body; the skin. With passion and inspiration for everything organic and electrifying, we have dedicated years to develop a unique style that could only be obtained through years of empirical knowledge.

At Vita-Electric®, we are committed to being obedient to the truth of mother nature. We only follow the natural laws of living organically healthy and active to help improve the environment.

One of the primary organs affected by accumulated toxins is the skin. Our Vita-Electric Skin & Hair Products can rejuvenate damaged cell tissue, especially those eroded by acidity by replacing depleted minerals.




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Not Tested on Animals


100% Vegan


Our Goal

We strive to improve the health and wellness of frustrated individuals across the globe by providing organic and electrifying products made with LOVE and care. We believe the body needs a life, not a synthetic chemical and we are dedicated to satisfying the marketplace with cruelty-free products made from 100% organic ingredients sourced from the earth with uncompromised qualities.

Customer’s Overall Well-Being is our Top Priority

For our bestselling lines of Vita-Electric® All-in-One Butter Creams & Macerated Enriched SERUM Oils, feel free to visit or order from our store today. All our products are now available to order! Get ready to revitalise and electrify your skin today, no delays, don’t be shy!

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