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We are planting a Tree every 30 seconds

Why You Should Eat Blackberries to Enhance Your Skin & Hair


When you mention the term ‘diet,’ people often associate it with losing weight, or something else related to fitness. However, food serves a much larger purpose than just achieving fitness goals. Other than protecting your vital organs and curbing starvation to ensure you survive; certain foods can also have profound benefits on specific areas of your body. These awesome, advantageous ingredients are sometimes referred to as ‘superfoods.’

Now, let’s focus on your skin, and on your hair, which are two aspects of an individual’s appearance that are hugely important. If you ask an average person, they’ll say that gorgeous skin and hair can be the difference between supreme confidence, and low self-esteem. However, these days, people neglect the natural option and choose artificial quick-fix alternatives in many cases that are harmful.

People choose products over organic foods for the wrong reasons. They feel man-made substances have been strategically designed to work magic. Although, that is certainly not the case, and most of them are comprised of extra ingredients which are not beneficial to the skin or hair whatsoever. But, blackberries can complement and work in conjunction with true sources of vegan and organic synthetic chemical-free creams for beautiful glowing skin and luscious, healthy hair!


So, take blackberries for instance. Not only will you be able to enhance your skin and hair, but you’ll also be able to enjoy a scrumptious fruit with tons of benefits. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy those delicious blackberries. However, it’s important to note that mass-produced blackberries tend to contain pesticide residues, carrying traces of chemicals that have been found dangerous to our well-being disrupting the normal function of our hormones to carcinogenic substances harmful to our health, so make sure you keep them organic! To prevent possible exposure and your blackberries should come from your neighbor’s bush or an organic certified farmer.

You’re probably wondering – ‘Well, how do they help and what are the benefits?’

Regarding skin; blackberries are full of antioxidants, you’ve only got to look at their dark colour for proof of that. Ellagic acid, which is the form of antioxidant in blackberries, does a great job of protecting your skin and its keratinocytes from both UVB and UV damage. Both of these combine to form a protective layer of skin that will constantly replenish the epidermis to keep the largest organ in your body healthy.


Also, the vitamin C in blackberries will maintain the strength of your skin, and contribute to the prevention of premature aging. But, the best part is that it will reduce the risk of getting dry skin so that you can keep that hydrated, glowing, vibrant look. As for your hair; the vitamin C again comes to fruition.

How? Well, it helps to produce collagen and subsequently helps to form strong hair. Additionally, it will act as a shield against any damaging effects that the general environment may have on your hair. Plus, it’s been known that if you apply a small amount of blackberry extract on your hair, it adds a revitalized bounce to your hair.

Another good way to enjoy the goodness of blackberries for your skin is through a Face Mask. Here’s how:

  • Take a bunch of organic blackberries.
  • Crush and mix the juice with a teaspoon of organic Date Syrup.
  • Apply this to your face and neck.
  • Let it dry well before washing it off thoroughly.

This face mask is ideal for hydrating the skin while supplying essential nutrients to it. 


Ultimately, blackberries are considered as a ‘superfood,’ and that’s because of the fantastic benefits they have on your body. They’ll help to promote an organic, healthy and natural lifestyle, and can be accompanied by other healthy, beneficial ingredients. Plus, blackberries also contain a whole host of different vitamins, minerals, and fiber that will provide your body with the necessary tools to fight damage from different types of free radicals.

While we may have focused on skin and hair in this post, it’s important to note that blackberries have wonderful effects on every aspect of your health. Eat more of them!


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    Beautiful post. You have made me want to eat blackberries right now! lol
    Great info too… who would have thought blackberries help with skin like this. 🙂

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